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Heatmap, reinvented

CoolMap is an interactive visualization approach aimed to transform the classic heatmap visualization paradigm. It enables dynamic condensation of large omics datasets into much smaller, clearer, and human manageable views based on well-established conceptual frameworks such as gene and phenotype ontologies.

The CoolMap application provides smooth integration of CoolMap visualization with statistical analysis in R, pathway/network visualization in Cytoscape and genome browsing in IGV.



CoolMap is free software, but registration required to download and use it.

Version 1.0.1

  • Added new functions to join multiple matrices in 'View History' widget
  • Now you can export both data matrices and Ontology tables as R data frames
  • Added new 'Pathway Matrix' type, for which all the visualization will based on original values rather than from Ontology aggregations

Presentations and Publications